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ETDZ a net increase of 11 billion a year industry revenue

Carry catch , there is nothing ; storm Industry , Road in the foot . Jiujiang Economic and Technological Development Zone in recent years, adhere to the carrier construction as a support to major projects to lead to industrial agglomeration as the core, further promote the opening up and development along the river , with a passionate interpretation of catch-up to work hard to win position.

Increasing the downward pressure on economic circumstances, 2012 Industrial Development Zone, is still made remarkable record : annual income of 48.11 billion yuan of industrial core , a net increase of 11 billion yuan over the previous year , total industrial output continues to rank The city first . Total fiscal revenue 2.002 billion yuan , becoming the city's first over two billion of the counties ( cities, districts ) . Exports 813 million U.S. dollars , an increase of 43.9% ; including Jiujiang EPZ exports $ 660 million , for two consecutive years the central region first .

Industrial Speed - sonorous pace

In recent years , the development zone of the " main project , gathering industry , stronger businesses, expanding the total amount " as the new industrialization development of important initiatives , and effectively increase corporate training efforts , accelerate the construction of major projects , SMEs have the potential to promote a number of fast growing industrial economy jumped to become a new growth point .

Industrial upgrading - jumped the grade scale

Area to develop high-tech industries , high- power LED and carbon nanotubes , electronic cloth , lithium-ion battery and a number of new production of high-tech industrial projects have appeared, the environmental protection industry model - Plating centralized control zone project for the city's industrial electroplating industry gather and provide a platform for sustainable development , high-tech industrial development zone environmental industry propped up the one day .

Business Innovation - constantly enhance the vitality

Adhere to the enterprises as the mainstay , market-oriented, a combination of research , encourage enterprises to increase investment in building an innovative carrier, and vigorously promote the new product development and application of new technologies , making industrial development of the power source .

2012 new academician workstation 2 area , two national high-tech enterprise , municipal enterprise technology center 4 , municipal engineering and technology research center one , municipal science and technology innovation team an advantage , the national leader in thermostat - automatic Controls Co., Ltd. Jiujiang Hengtong constantly improve the home appliances chain , continues to lead .
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