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Zeng Qinghong in-depth research of Jiujiang Development Zone

In March 17th, the comrades in charge of vice secretary of municipal Party committee, mayor Zeng Qinghong led the city land, planning, business and other departments, in-depth research of Jiujiang Development Zone, on-site office to solve problems. Vice mayor Xiong Yongqiang, accompanied by city hall deputy inspector, Party Secretary of the Jiujiang Development Zone, the CMC director Li Guangrong research.

Zeng Qinghong entourage went to Jiujiang export processing zone Suowei polysilicon project construction site, Kyushu Environmental Protection Company production line, Red Hawk helicopter project shop, car park Huaxing Technology Co., Ltd., Qingyuan Technology Park Hengtong temperature control group and West Port fieldwork. Zeng Qinghong into the site, into the shop, carefully inspected the enterprise construction and production; and the comrades in charge of the enterprise and worker of a gleam of conversation, a detailed understanding of the enterprise marketing, production situation, ask them what needs the government to solve problems and difficulties. Jiujiang Hengtong in temperature control, Zeng Qinghong, in-depth production workshop, see the situation of the enterprise production. When I heard that the company is specializing in the production of famous brand refrigerator temperature control parts, Zeng Qinghong on the comrades in charge of the enterprise said, "We support you the little things make big industry, will have what difficulty you say". When I heard that the enterprise if the financing problems can be solved, this capacity can be increased by 2 to 300000000 Yuan, Zeng Qinghong indicating Jiujiang Development Zone and the relevant departments to help coordinate and solve. She said, go out to recruit a billion yuan investment project is not easy, but also through the construction, cultivate, slowly to molding, to give more attention to the existing enterprises, to help enterprises solve practical problems, and support enterprises bigger and stronger, and the investment are equally important.

After hearing the report, Zeng Qinghong Development Zone of Jiujiang fully affirmed the work. She said, once again came to the Development Zone, feel find everything fresh and new, the development zone to promote the work of strength, speed, the introduction of major projects are on the increase. Zeng Qinghong stressed, a pressing matter of the moment is to ensure that growth, and to maintain growth, to help enterprises is the priority among priorities for this year's work. To help enterprises to increase production efficiency, help enterprises to seize the market, help enterprises to finance capital, to help enterprises solve the problem of recruitment; to help enterprises to speed up the construction, the project started, to help enterprises put into operation as soon as possible; to strengthen investment security providers, depending on the advantages of investment, industrial investment, relying on leading business investment; to accelerate infrastructure construction, accelerate the construction of West Port platform, further invigorated the land, increase the export processing zone investment.

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