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JJEDZ and high-tech enterprises, national enterprises

Recently, the high-tech enterprises in Jiujiang Development Zone and add new army, is located in the West Port of Jiujiang Hengtong automatic controller Co., the company successfully passed the national high and new technology enterprise publicity period, become the Jiangxi Province in 2012 the first batch of high-tech enterprises. At present, the development zone is recognized by the national high-tech enterprises has reached 9, accounting for 39% of the total.

Hengtong company is the support and grow the local private enterprises, enterprises from the initial annual temperature controller 200000 to now nearly 30000000, quickly developed into the largest pressure refrigeration temperature controller manufacturers, fission type development benefits from implementing science and technology innovation.

In recent years, the enterprise has introduced a large number of scientific research personnel and the purchase of a chromatographic analyzer, withstand voltage tester, salt spray test machine, spring tension and compression testing machine R & D equipment to create enterprise R & D center, has developed a G filled with air conditioning thermostat 11 new products or new technology, completed the explosion-proof thermostat into 5 achievement of science and technology, effectively boosting the rapid development of enterprises. This year the company focused on the development of home appliance industry chain project, has the new thermostat assembly project, home appliance pump project, added value is expected to reach tens of millions of dollars, greatly enhance the added value of the products. 2012 enterprises strive to produce and sale the thermostat 28000000, output value of 300000000 Yuan, the high growth in consecutive years situation, annual growth still reached 27%, the innovation of science and technology has become the leading power of enterprise.

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